The Lost Tribe - Anansi

The Lost Tribe - Anansi



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Agẹmọ (Chameleon)

Agẹmọ tricks the trickster, turning the tables on Anansi and proving hard work pays off as much as deceit.

Why Anansi Hides in Corners (A West African Tale)
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Designed by:  Kriston Millano
Photography by: Laura Ferreira

Make-up by: Narvely Labastide, Melissa Deane & William Tommy

Agẹmọ Male – $4,995 ($799 USD)

Includes: Handcrafted Mask, Chest Piece, Shorts, Upper Arm Pieces

Backpack $850 ($136 USD)
Side Bag $250 ($40 USD)

Agẹmọ Female – $5,500 (880 USD)

Includes: Handcrafted Mask, Decorated Sleeves with Fringe Body Wear,
Bra , High Waisted Bikini Bottom, Stacked Choker

Extra Large Female Headpiece with Ponytail $800 ($128 USD)
Backpack ($850) ($136 USD)
Side Bag $250 ($40 USD)

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