The Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe



So gentle that the birds would sing to them as the beauty of the world was mirrored in their soft eyes with the reflection of the purple dusk. ..

Designed by
JP Richardson & The Lost Tribe Design Team

Male: $4,650
Female: $5,350

Cover-Up Bottom Piece
TT$150 (US$24) – view cover-up option

For added flair, drama or coverage, our versatile skirt add-on is available to match every section!
TT$800 (US$128) – view skirt

Eye Wear by Sanianitos is the perfect custom accessory for a sunny Carnival Tuesday!
TT$300 (US$48) – view eye wear

For alternate costume views, check out our Behind the Scenes album!

Photography by: Laura Ferreira

Make-up by: MAC Cosmetics


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