The Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe

Kaalaa Taj

Kaalaa Taj

The Black Taaj

The black Taaj is the final page of the story of the Taj Mahal. It is alleged that Emporor Shah Jahan had planned on Building a replica of the Taj on the other bank of the River in black marble as his final resting place … totally symmetrical in design and together forever along the riverbanks of the yamuna.

“An emperor has given the world a monument of love by making this beautiful taj mahal. In its shadow there will be only talks of love. He has given to us a story that has no ending …”

Excerpt from the song ” Ek Shehenshah…” (1964) | Lyricist Shakeel Badyuni | Sung by Mohommed Rafi and Lata Mangeshkaar

Designed by: 
Charu Lochan Dass

Photography by: Ikenna Douglas

Make-up by: Narvely Labastide & William Tommy
Make-up provided by MAC Cosmetics

Female: $4,995 (US$800)
Includes bodywear, headpiece, jewellery & shoulder cape
add Backpack: $895 (US$144)
add Crossbody Bag: $200 (US$32)

Male: $4,195 (US$672)
Includes pants, bodywear, headpiece & shawl
add Backpack: $895 (US$144)


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