The Lost Tribe - Anansi

The Lost Tribe - Anansi



Mmoboro (Wasp)

Anansi captures Mmoboro in order to get his hands on the Sky God’s stories.

How Anansi obtained the Sky God’s Stories
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Designed by:  JP Richardson
Photography by: Laura Ferreira

Make-up by: Narvely Labastide, Melissa Deane & William Tommy

Mmborro Male: $4650 (744 USD)

Includes: Hand Fringed Crafted Mask, Long Pants, Upper Arm Bands, Forearm Bands

Extra Large Decorated Necklace $795 ($127 USD)
Decorated Staff $650 ($104 USD)
Side Bag $250 ($40 USD)

Mmborro Female – $5155 ($825 USD)

Includes: Moulded Handcrafted Headdress, Retro Sunglasses,
Halter Bra, Decorated Bikini Bottoms, Chap Style Leg Pieces

Raffia Shrug with Cape $950 ($152 USD)
Decorated Staff $650 (104 USD)
Side Bag $250 ($40 USD)

All Costumes


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