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The Lost Tribe


Lost Tribe and UN Women team up to promote gender equality

Loop | Laura Dowrich-Phillips | May 27, 2019

The Lost Tribe has been selected as the medium through which the United Nations will raise awareness about gender equality in Trinidad and Tobago.

The partnership between The Lost Tribe and United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women) was announced on May 19 at an intimate media event at the band’s Woodbrook mas camp.

The partnership comes as UN Women prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary and the 25th anniversary of the Beijing Platform for Action in the Caribbean (BPfA).

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The Lost Tribe: ‘Carnival cannot be cancelled’


CREATIVE director of The Lost Tribe Valmiki Maharaj thinks Carnival cannot be cancelled.

“It is something that is at the heart of everything we do in TT.”

Despite the announcement by the Prime Minister and conversations on social media, he believes “Carnival is in our blood. It is a feeling, it is genetic and flows through generations.”

Maharaj told Newsday as it comes closer to the days that were set to have been Carnival Monday and Tuesday, people will feel something awaken in them ­– the feeling of love, togetherness and celebration of life which makes TT Carnival what it is at its core.

“I do think many things can happen. There are many events, cultural displays and competitions that can be held without a parade or large crowds. We aren’t having a parade but we can, however, still celebrate Carnival.”

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Behind the Mas – The New Normal Of Carnival with Valmiki Maharaj

Monk Music | Warren Mc Kenzie | October 22, 2020

For some of us, we are still trying to fathom the thought of Trinidad & Tobago’s carnival being canceled for 2021. Carnival is a part of us! It may be seasonal through the lens of the general public but in fact, carnival is a 365 days a year business according to Caribbean innovator Valmiki Maharaj, director of Mas band, The Lost Tribe.

During the lockdown, due to Covid – 19, Valmiki admitted that it was a time for him to reset and rethink about new strategies moving forward, with the new normal of what carnival would be experiencing in the future. He said, “this is a time where us creative(s) have to come together to dig deeper to present a carnival like no other”.

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Valmiki Maharaj – His story tells, full circle

Trinidad Express | May 29, 2021

Family and home.

Those are the images Indian Arrival Day evoke in the ticking mind of mas designer Valmiki Maharaj.

The Lost Tribe creative director says he will spend today ruminating on stories relayed by his beloved mother Basdaye and other family members who no longer walk this earth, knowing that with his every breath he carries on their legacy.

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The unexpected love story behind The Lost Tribe’s TAJ

Loop | Ceola Belix | July 24, 2018

On July 21, the crowd gathered at the Jean Pierre Complex fell silent as the backdrop in front them faded to black, and a backlit silhouette of the Taj Mahal crackled to life on screen.

The Lost Tribe held patrons of the Festival of the Bands enraptured as Indian dancers flanked the stage, stamping feet and spinning to the haunting melody of “Ghoomar”, a song from Bollywood film Padmaavat.

One by one dancers and models portraying the ten sections of The Lost Tribe’s 2019 presentation TAJ took to the stage, posing gracefully to show off the details of their ornate costumes.

Each section is fashioned after a line of poetry on the Taj Mahal, which was Executive Creative Director Valmiki “Val” Maharaj’s inspiration for the band’s fourth year of Carnival.

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The Lost Tribe ‘overwhelmed’ by Large Band of the Year 2019 titles

Loop News | March 6, 2019

Lost Tribe’s Executive Creative Director, Valmiki Maharaj, said his team is ‘overwhelmed’ after learning of winning the Large Band of Year category for Carnival 2019, as well as Downtown Band of the Year.

Maharaj told LoopTT that the band’s presentation ‘Taj’, holds a special place in his heart.

In a statement, the band said, “We are overwhelmed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the outpouring of love and support we have received since the announcement was made earlier today.

The Lost Tribe has won not only NCC Large Band of the Year but Downtown Large Band of the Year as well with a presentation that was very near and dear to our hearts – Taj.”

Today we celebrate all of our hard-working teams – design, production, administrative, security, road management, catering and committee, our sponsors and everyone else who had a hand in our 2019 production.

Most of all though, we celebrate our masqueraders who manifest the vision and the spirit of The Lost Tribe on the roads of Port of Spain every year.

You make every sleepless night worth it.”

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Extraordinary People | January 28, 2017 by Charmaine Daisley

From showing exceptional stagecraft on high days, to participating in mundane activities that ensure the survival of the tribe, Valmiki Maharaj’s life is in many ways symbolic of the experience of the quintessential tribesman.

Valmiki moves through the world being at once the curious boy who enjoyed the watchful nurturing of his mother and other elders, and the man who has triumphed the inevitable and bitter-sweet passage into manhood. He has embraced his life assignment with enthusiasm and hewed a sure-footed path to self-expression that is not only transforming his own life but leaving an immeasurable mark on the culture of his people.

His job title is Creative Director of “Lost Tribe”, but you do not get a sense that he is concerned too much with titles. Instead, he focuses on the shared and humbling privilege of etching the story of the country’s annual ‘Greatest Show On Earth’ on the psyche of the masquerader and the droves of spectators who catch a glimpse of his inspiration crafted in a spirit of honour and gratitude.

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Designer Island | February 15, 2017

The Tribe Carnival brand has been a dominant force in all aspects of Trinidad carnival since 2006. In 2015 after identifying a new customer base, the band launched its third concept, ‘The Lost Tribe’. Valmiki Maharaj who designed for both Tribe and Bliss was appointed the role as Creative Director and he brought a new direction and vision to the band.

‘The Lost Tribe’ was a deviation from the costume design style that had brought success to the previous offerings. Not being a big fan of being too uncovered on the road, I wanted to get the story behind the band, get to know the man behind the mas and perhaps get a little inspiration to join the Tribe experience again.

Not your average Mas Man, Val a proud QRC old boy, holds degrees in both Business and in Indian Classical Music. While his office is filled with vision boards and inspirational quotes he finds his true creative voice from the calm that comes from his connection with his music and spirituality.

Sitting in his small office on Alberto Street in Woodbrook, with a half empty bag of red wine removed from its box packaging between us to share, Val’s humour and openness set the mood immediately. His personality is as witty, bright and colourful as his designs and from that moment, there was no doubt in my mind why everybody loves Val.

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#MACLostTribe #MACxCarnival

Jamaica Observer | September 30, 2017

M·A·C recently announced its partnership with the Lost Tribe for their 2018 Carnival presentation. M·A·C Director of Make-up Artistry Romero Jennings worked with Executive Creative Director for the Lost Tribe, Valmiki Maharaj to design the make-up looks for the 2018 costume presentation. As key artist, Jennings led the execution of the make-up looks by a team of certified M·A·C makeup artists for the official photo shoot of the costumes as well as backstage at the Festival of the Bands on July 15, 2017.

The Lost Tribe represents a growing demand for a more theatrical and inspired take on Carnival. With an eye for fashion, Lost Tribe views Carnival through an artistic and worldly lens while paying homage to the diverse history, culture and people of Trinidad in their designs. The partnership between The Lost Tribe and M·A·C was therefore a natural fit given M·A·C’s roots as a make-up artistry brand. M·A·C is at the forefront of fashion trendsetting and honours individuality and self-expression above all else. “Carnival really is about embellishment, bright colours, and having fun,” says Romero. “M·A·C is known for highly pigmented products and for pushing the envelope when it comes to artistic expression. So working with The Lost Tribe is a perfect fit for M·A·C.”

The Lost Tribe presentation for 2018 is inspired by an originally scripted romantic tragedy that compels its audience to contemplate the complexity of our most innate desire — to love and be loved. It’s the story of seven sisters who fall for a mysterious wanderer and are left with heartache when he wanders on. Set under the native Poui trees in Port of Spain, the tale is symbolic of the Magnificent Seven historic homes along the Savannah.

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