The Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe



Dear Future Self …

How yuh doin?
In the blink of an eye we cried, we hurt, we learned and we changed…
Change is hard but it heals and it helps.
Change reminded us that this life doh just happen to us but that it happens because of us and so this year…this year is for WE.
This year, we takin’ the road by name and intention and makin’ it our own.
When we touch dis road iz not 2023…iz 202WE!

Dear Future Self…

This band is our affirmation to you…
It is our promise for what will be.
It is our DREAMS and WISHES as we look toward the LIGHT…it holds our POWER and GLORY, it is where we speak our TRUTH and where we feel our FREEDOM…as we look to the DAWN, we stand in a WASHING of blessings peace, love and hope.
202WE reflects our past and defines our future. I sayin’ it in big the future is ours and what we say it will be!

In 202WE we washin’ d road in blue, cleansing it and readyin’ it for you.

Love, The Lost Tribe

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