The Lost Tribe

The Lost Tribe

Yamuna Nadi

Yamuna Nadi

Neelee bahti huee shantimaya yamuna ek boond e barsaat se choor choor ho jaati hai

“A rain shatters the silent peace of the dark blue Yamuna … flowing, guilelessly on its own accord by the eroded banks of time, with waters that rise and fall, in silent obedience … ”

By: The Lone Boatman

Designed by: 
Valmiki Maharaj & Shandelle Loregnard

Photography by: Ikenna Douglas

Make-up by: Narvely Labastide & William Tommy
Make-up provided by MAC Cosmetics

Female: $4,995 (US$800)
Includes bodywear, headpiece & jewellery
add Backpack: $995 (US$160)
add Crossbody Bag: $200 (US$32)

Male: $4,395 (US$704)
Includes pants, bodywear, headpiece, jewellery & knapsack
add Backpack: $995 (US$160)


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