The Lost Tribe - Anansi

The Lost Tribe - Anansi

Our Story

Our Story

“This is my story which I have related. If it be sweet, or if it be not sweet take some elsewhere, and let some come to me”- ANANSI

Story is not just a form of entertainment, story is at the heart of what connects us all as humans.

It’s the way we empathise, the way we connect and the way we learn about what to do and, often more importantly, what not to do. It is the bridge to our past, our connection to the future and a doorway to the deepest understanding of the present. This year THE LOST TRIBE honours the ancient tradition of storytelling with ANANSI, the king of all storytellers.

ANANSI tales are some of the best known among Caribbean people.

They represent the sacred tradition of storytelling, gifted to us by our West African predecessors via the oral tradition.
The endurance of ANANSI stories is a celebrated symbol of resistance and a testament to the power of story and their importance to our shared heritage.

This being THE LOST TRIBE’s fifth anniversary, we end our trilogy of love: SEVEN – the loss of love and heartbreak, TAJ – grief and obsession borne out of love and ANANSI the love of family, passed from generation to generation via our most cherished stories.


Memory is a fading star
Without stories to keep our light
History grows darker than the blank stare space
The spider draws its web across time to catch the fading points
Before we descend into forgetfulness
We are grand
But only if we remember our grandeur
We are powerful
But only if we remember our power
We are beautiful
But only if stories of our beauty are told.
How important then is the one who weaves words that by themselves mean little but together carry nations
Across oceans
Over continents
Through time
The spider weaves webs to catch our light
The glory of kings and Queens retold
The triumphs of warriors reborn
Through stories lost beauty can be regained in an instant
For those who believe
But you who have forgotten
Are you brave enough
To listen?

Poem by Muhammed Muwakil


Director’s Note

TAJ was a monument that had to be built and was built on grief and obsession … But in building it, I realised that we were the monument that our parents built and they built us with love and stories. We represent them and are their lasting real impression on this world. We are their legacy and we are their champions…we will make them proud.

It’s 8am on the morning of the launch. I just woke up … I feel a calm that I didn’t feel before. I feel our ancestors with me.

ANANSI is a work that is being done to remind us of where we came from and the power of our history. The power of our process and the power of who we are.

ANANSI has been quietly weaving his web around me and the stories of our LOST TRIBE for years and has now tied us all together in a beautiful tapestry that shows our past five years and welcomes our next.

Our stories have alway been connected and each year will always be part of a bigger story that is being written. One day we will look back and read a story that we were a part of and smile as if we are seeing it for the first time.

The LOST TRIBE is the story-telling band and I’m proud and humbled to see its story unfold.


The Lost Tribe Design Team

Since inception, The Lost Tribe has served as an incubator for a wealth of creative talent. Our 2020 presentation ‘ANANSI’ came to life as a result of insightful collaboration between our designers, under the watchful eyes of Creative Director Valmiki Maharaj.

Our design collective this year includes Valmiki Maharaj, JP Richardson, Keon Chow Cop, Kriston Millano, RisAnne Martin, Shari Cumberbatch, Peter Elias, Atiba Borde, Shandelle Loregnard, Naasir Mohammed & Shawn Dhanraj.


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