Our Story

Our Story

For Carnival 2018, The Lost Tribe will present Seven, a story of love presented in a romantic tragedy focused on seven personalities and set in the imagery of Poui Trees in full bloom.

One evening during their afternoon stroll, the sisters encountered a wanderer. Undoubtedly famished and exhausted, the women graciously invited him to the comfort of their home. His mesmerised gaze morphed into grateful disbelief. Upon arrival at their abode, the sisters each took a role in ensuring the drifter’s comfort. While Kathryn warmed the kettle and Morgan prepared a meal, Rose sang soulfully, showing him to a seat near Hannah, the youngest of them all. But despite all of their efforts, it was Virginia who effortlessly put his troubles at ease. Maybe it was the way that she smiled or the way that her powder blue skirt floated as she drifted across the room. Whatever it was, his heart saw her before his eyes could and while his appetite filled, so did his hunger grow for her.

The pair rapidly sunk into the quicksand of lust and the sisters joyed for the young couple’s serendipitous unity. They danced in the Poui flowers evening after evening until the last petal kissed the soil. Without warning to Virgina’s blind love, the changing seasons brought with it a change of heart, as the wanderer’s eyes began to wander yet again. He knew that it was time to continue walking, leaving Virginia broken, but a mere memory of herself.

The seven sisters also represent the Magnificent Seven buildings that fringe the Queen’s Park Savannah and are an artist’s representation of the other side of Swan Lake with the Prince as the wanderer and the girls as the swans.

The Lost Tribe Design Team

Since inception, The Lost Tribe has served as an incubator for a wealth of creative talent. Our 2018 presentation ‘SEVEN’ came to life as a result of insightful collaboration between our designers, under the watchful eyes of Creative Director Valmiki Maharaj.

Our design collective this year includes Yannick Gibson, Shawn Dhanraj, Keegan Simon, Ris-Anne Martin, Shari Cumberbatch, Atiba Borde and JP Richardson. Our shades are by Sanianitos.

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