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The Lost Tribe



Registration for The Lost Tribe is available through The Lost Tribe team:

Aaron Farrick | Abeo Jackson | Adrian Raymond | Ainka Alexander | Ainka Williams | Ajala Pilgrim | Akeem Romany | Alex Hospedales | Alvern Porter | Anjenney Dwarika | Azariel Pedro | Bridgette Wilson | Caroline Mendes | Ceola Belix | Charissa Anna-Lise Modeste  | Daniel Mitchell | Danielle Hackshaw | Faizah Perry | Harrison Phillips | Josanne Hackshaw | Jual Augustus  | Kalifa David-Lewis | Kendall Sharpe | Kern Mollineau | Khadine Adams| KJ Lockhart | Koenig James | Kristy Anatol | LaToya Birmingham-Alexander | Melanese Hernandez | Meriah John | Nadya Shah | Narvely Labastide | Nikolai Choo Quan | Priya Gomes | Rakeem Parpit | Rondell Sealey | Salisha Deen | Salome Young | Sanian Lewis | Sean Gonzales | Shanice Charles | Shervonne Millington | Simon White | Sonja Pollonais | Stefan Williams | Vivekananda Maharaj | Yvan Mendoza

And through our Marketing Partners:

86ix8 Family | GTC | Cocoa Devils | Vale Vibe | Oye | SHOPSHARI | Kriston Milano for Woii

You can also click here to submit your contact information or email for registration enquiries.

What do I need for costume registration?

For registration, you need the following:

Size Information

Ladies: Bra Size (34A, B, C, etc), Hipband Size (in inches), Bottom Piece Size (S, M, L, etc), Bra Option, Bottom Piece option

Men: Waist Size (in inches)

Downpayment TT$2,000 (US$320).  

Please note that costume registration is only considered complete after the receipt of your downpayment.

 Can I order extra items with my costumes?

Costumes may come with options for larger headpieces, backpacks, and other embellishments at an additional cost. These options will be detailed on the registration page and in the section photo galleries, along with the cost attached.

Masqueraders who add a backpack to their costume will be required to pay a downpayment equivalent to 50% of the backpack cost upon registering.

When do I need to pay for my costume?

Your downpayment must be paid upon registration, otherwise, your order will be incomplete and cancelled. Costumes must be paid in full by December 31st, 2022.  Masqueraders can also make advance payments at The Lost Tribe’s Mas Camp (Cash & LINX only) and online via Credit Card (Visa & MasterCard) through our registration website.

Refund/Return Policy

Please note that carnival costumes are custom-made items therefore once a down payment is made, it is non-refundable.
Additionally, there will be:
  • NO exchange or switching of sections.
  • NO changing of measurements or sizes
  • NO Costume Transfers
  • NO Returns accepted
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