The Lost Tribe - Anansi

The Lost Tribe - Anansi



Registration for The Lost Tribe will take place via our Mas Camp at 59 Alberto Street, Woodbrook

Dastkaar Female Opt2

Registration is also available through the Lost Tribe Team:

Abeo Jackson 319-2099 . Adrian Raymond . Ceola Belix 469-9132 . Dale Ramirez 380-3684 . Danielle Hackshaw 797-1565 . Josanne Hackshaw 756-3079 . Jules Sobion 755-0955 . Kathryn Nurse 716-8990 . Keegan Simon 689-9401 . Konata Alleyne . Marie Elena Joseph 784-2548 . Melanese Hernandez 703-0812 . Nadya Shah 685-5598 . Nariya Baksh 784-2562 . Nyssa Pierre 788-6664 . Salisha Deen 516-359-0049 . Shari Cumberbatch 731-1309 . Yvan Mendoza 322-9697 . Tenille Clarke . Sanian Lewis . Sean Gonzales 726-8968 . Sophia Rickson 905-960-0210 . Valmiki Maharaj

Please email for registration enquiries.

The following items are required to complete registration:
  • Masquerader’s Name
  • Email Address (each masquerader’s email address must be unique)
  • Contact Number
  • Costume Downpayment – please click here for our payment options

Please note that costume registration is only considered complete after the receipt of your downpayment.

Costume Collection Policy

Costume packages must be collected in person with a valid form of ID. Persons may collect the costume in their name only.

The costume distribution schedule will be advertised via electronic or print media. The final date of costume distribution is Carnival Friday 24th February, 2017, after which all uncollected costumes remain the property of The Lost Tribe and any down payments are forfeited by the customer.

Costumes remain the property of The Lost Tribe until paid for in full and collected.

Refund/Return Policy

Please note that carnival costumes are custom-made items therefore once a down payment is made, it is non-refundable. Additionally, there will be:

  • NO exchange or switching of sections.
  • NO changing of measurements or sizes
  • NO Costume Transfers
  • NO Returns accepted
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