Masquerader Info


Registration for The Lost Tribe will take place via our Mas Camp at 59 Alberto Street, Woodbrook Registration is also available through the Lost Tribe Team: Abeo Jackson 319-2099 . Adrian Raymond . Ceola Belix 469-9132 . Dale Ramirez 380-3684 . Danielle Hackshaw 797-1565 . Josanne Hackshaw 756-3079 . Jules Sobion 755-0955 . Kathryn Nurse 716-8990 …

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Lost Tribe’s FAQs – All you need to know! Q: Will The Lost Tribe be crossing the Savannah Stage? A: Yes!  We will be entering the Band of the Year competition and hence will be crossing all judging points.  We will also  be crossing the Socadrome with our sister bands TRIBE & BLISS. Q: If …

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Costume Payments

Payment Options In order to successfully register and complete your costume booking with The Lost Tribe you will be required in the first instance to issue to us a non-refundable deposit as follows: Male & Female – TTD $1,800 (US$288) After which you will be required to pay any balance on the selected costume of your choice upon …

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Authorise Someone to Collect Your Costume

If you cannot collect your costume in person,  please take the time to let us know who will be collecting on your behalf.  This will ensure a quick and smooth collection process. Anyone collecting a costume must present a valid form of ID at the time of collection. If you are collecting for yourself, you …

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